Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use chop sticks?
No. We also provide you with a knife, fork, and spoon. However, we'd love for you to attempt to enjoy your meal in the traditional fashion with chop sticks!  Just ask us! We'd be glad to give you some useful tips!

Where do you get the produce, seafood and meats?
We exclusively get our produce, seafood and meats from the local Dallas suppliers. We have a very close and trusting business relationship with all our suppliers. Should the quality of our dishes not be completely satisfactory, please do not hesitate to inform us immediately.

Do you offer non-spicy dishes as well?
Many Hunan and Szechuan dishes call for very hot spices. Especially spicy dishes are marked as such on our menu with an asterisk/star "*". Please let us know if you do not like spicy food when ordering your meal. We are able to de-spice the dishes according to your preferences.

Which regional specialties does this restaurant serve?
Almost all of our dishes are based on traditional recipes handed down to us from our grandparents. This is very much reflected in our cooking, which is largely based on the regions in which they were raised as children to adults.

Business Hours

Monday          CLOSED

Tuesday          5pm -2am

Wednesday      5pm -3am

Thursday        5pm -3am

Friday            5pm -4am

Saturday         5pm -4am

Sunday           5pm -3am


All dishes are available for takeout.  Or perhaps, you care to remain in the comfort of your home and let us deliver it to you, FREE of charge, from our friendly delivery staff.


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Panda’s provides full service for Catering and Events!


Has a full bar with premium spirits, beer, wine and Mr. Panda’s Specialty drinks!


Offers early dining specials for those who dine early or are on the run.